DIY American Flag Pallet

diy-american-flag-pallet-board When I came across the American Flag Pallet board on Pinterest I knew I had to have it. After negotiating a free pallet board from Suite Pieces in Huntington, NY and purchasing Annie Sloan chalk paint (from same location) in my colors of choice, I was ready to go! Here's how I put together my own American Flag Pallet just in time for Memorial Day!

Here's what you need:

1 pallet board Yard stick Pencil Paint (in red, blue and white - I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint, but you can use anything you'd like) A small paint brush Card stock and a printer or a star stencil

Finally, you'll need tools to cut down the pallet board if you'd like to make it smaller.


Since our front porch is not that big, we decided cutting down the board and moving the top of the pallet boards closer together would make a better flag for our home. I think we made the right choice. My husband took off the top boards and nailed them closer together. He then cut off the excess using a hand saw.

This project is supposed to be rustic, so you don't have to sand the pallet if you choose not to. I did not.

After the board was ready, I measured and traced the lines for the 13 stripes on the flag. Then I portioned off the area for the stars. The great thing about paint is that it covers pencil, so you can draw your guidelines without worry. If you feel like painting free hand, by all means, go for it.


Once my lines were drawn, I started by filling in the red lines with the paint. Then the white. Then the blue. At this point I was ready for the stars. There was no way I was going to free hand 50 stars. So I found some stars on the internet, made them larger using Photoshop, then printed them up using card stock I had on hand. I cut out the stars using an exacto knife. I taped on the stencil so it wouldn't move and dabbed on the paint to avoid spreading. It really turned out better than I thought it would!

We're so proud of our [almost free] DIY American Flag Pallet board. It's perfect on our covered porch and now we're ready for the summer holidays!