Reclaimed Wood Entryway Rack - Pinterest Live!

reclaimed-wood-entry-way-rack-pinterest-live Anyone who knows me knows how much I love DIY projects. And ever since we started the home buying process, my mind is racing with ideas. Every few months I make my way out to local antique shops in search of unique furniture and decor pieces I can either refinish or use in my home as is. That's when I discovered Suite Pieces in Huntington Station, NY and their Pinterest Live events.


The first time I went to Suite Pieces was because I was in search of milk paint. Instead I found a very creative business filled with reclaimed and re-loved home goods as well as DIY products like Chalk paint, stencils, paint brushes and more. Anyway, the point is Suite Pieces holds a Pinterest Live event every month - and you guessed it, it's just as it sounds. We all chip in ideas for projects on their Pinterest Board and Suite Pieces chooses one for everyone to craft together while munching on decadent treats and drinking wine. It's quite the night out! My MIL and I went to the event a few months ago where we crafted monogrammed tote bags. They came out super cute. When I saw what was on tap for last night's event - Reclaimed Wood Entryway Rack - I knew we had to attend again. [Here's the recap of their May event, which I was not able to attend, and the description of the event that took place last night]

The night started with schmoozing, snacking and pouring some wine.

drinks and goodiesWe also did a bit of shopping. Took home 2 side tables for our master bedroom. Can you believe it? $50 for both! What a steal. Just need to replace the knobs with something a little more our style.

night-standsAfter that we checked in and picked colors for the background of our entryway rack. I went with Old Violet which is a purple with lots of grey. It's on the third row, second from the right.


We used a technique called dry brushing, which is pretty simple. You just use a tiny bit of paint on your brush, and brush it on your surface until you are happy with the coverage. Here we are getting instruction, and then you can see me starting my board.

painting the board

After dry brushing the board, it was time to apply our name stencils. Suite Pieces had these stencils made for us. They are a bit tricky to maneuver but are great once placed on! The stencils read our last names and the date established. So cute.

board with stencil

Once we got the stencils on it was time to fill them in. When using a stencil, you don't want to brush on the paint, you want to dab it on so you don't get any bleed below the stencil. I used pure white.


Then it was time to lay down our hooks and determine placement. I whipped out my trusty tape measure, that I carry around in my purse because you never know when you're going to need to measure something, and decided on the perfect spots.

placing hooks


We also dabbed on some gold "makeup" as the girls there were calling it, which provided some luster and detail to the hooks. They seem to breathe more life with the gold dusting.

gold makeup

When the hooks were screwed in place we were done! These really turned out awesome. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it. Next month will be another Pinterest Live event and I can only hope it's one that I want to attend. If you're interested, you too can pin Pinterest Live ideas on their board. If they pick your idea, you get to attend the event for free!


Now it's your turn. Are you a crafty person? What have you built around your house that brings you pride?