Sexercise: Is There Such a Thing?


The hard truth about every couple’s favorite past time.

We already know that quality time under the sheets makes for a playful relaxation technique. And since exerting yourself during sex often leaves you feeling like you’ve just ran a marathon, does all that heart-pumping action mean you’ve also burned some serious calories? A recent study published in the journal Plos One, investigated the amount of energy expended during sex.

For the study, researchers observed the energy expenditure of 21 heterosexual couples during sex, and compared that to a moderate intensity 30-minute endurance treadmill workout. Energy expenditure was measured using a mini-portable activity tracker, similar to the FitBit or Nike FuelBand. Each couple performed a 30-minute moderate intensity treadmill workout, and was instructed to have sex wearing the portable device at least once per week for 4 weeks, in their natural environments – so they had sex a total of 4 times during the study. Researchers reviewed a short questionnaire (measuring the perception of each participants own personal experiences) filled out by the participants and they went over the data; the results are in. After comparing energy expenditure of sexual activities with that of the treadmill workouts, researchers found that energy expenditure of men and women during sex was equivalent to a moderate intensity workout, with men’s expenditure slightly higher. No surprise there. Researchers went so far to say that sexual activity could in fact, be considered significant exercise, at times.

While sex is definitely more fun than jogging, we don’t suggest you replace your entire fitness routine with it. Nothing works better at building a healthy body and becoming a better athlete, than a sound workout routine. But if you’re going to go the sex route, just make sure you’re having super sex all month long!