Oxygen Best Body Meal Plan and Recipes

oxygen-magazinesThis year Oxygen Magazine asked me to put together their annual Build a Better Body nutrition and meal plan series that included recipes. I was beyond excited for the opportunity to do so. Writing for Oxygen has been a goal of mine since I started reading through the mag 10 years ago! Oxygen has provided the meal plan (including grocery lists) and a handful of the recipes on their website as a PDF download for you for FREE! Yes!


Month 1: Fat Loss Phase. This month you'll focus on dropping fat and discovering new muscles you didn't know you had. The meal plan is based around a high protein, moderate fat and moderate carbohydrate approach that will boost your metabolism and fuel your workouts. Food highlights for Month 1 is Quinoa. This psuedo-grain is a super-seed that's gluten-free and packs a high-protein punch!

Month 2: Muscle Building Phase. This month you'll focus on building lean muscles to create feminine curves that represent strength and confidence. The meal plan is based around a high protein diet required for building muscle - with an average of 150 grams of protein per day. The food highlight for Month 2 is Eggs. You'll love the Cranberry Breakfast Mug recipe - guaranteed!

Month 3: Meal Timing Phase. This month is about timing your meals around your schedule and your workouts. Fueling your body before and after a workout is important for optimal fitness. By this time you're a fitness fanatic and your workouts are as intense as ever. This meal plan is based on a moderate protein, moderate carb and lower fat approach. The recipes in this meal plan are great choices for pre- or post-workout. Try the Avocado Hummus with homemade Pita Chips - it's amazing!

Recipes that I developed for these meal plans are found at Oxygenmag.com. The following are the recipes for Month 1:

One Pot Chicken and Spinach


Salmon and Avocado Quinoa Sushi


Halibut with Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa


Winter Morning Quinoa


Have you ever tried any of the recipes or meal plans you read in magazines? If so, what was your experience?