What It's Like to See People You Know on TV

Every week I look forward to Friday night.  Not because happy hour is two-for-ones at Napper Tandy's, but because Friday is "Brideday!" on the TLC network.  If you watch, which I'm sure you do, you can relate to my excitement of finally getting home from a long day at work and gym to plop down on the couch and turn on Say Yes to the Dress...Atlanta.  Last night was different, when I turned to the TLC channel, the man on the screen was someone I know - Jack Owoc the CEO of VPX Sports - where I worked for almost 2 years at the start of my career.

The first thing that came to mind was, "heh, look at that...Jack Owoc is getting married...to someone other than whom he was engaged to back when I worked for him."  But you know what, good for him, he has found someone he is happy with and I wish him well.

What's strange is running in to someone from your past that you haven't seen nor heard anything about for years.  It really makes you take a look at where you are in your own life.  It's kinda like finding old friends on Facebook and then proceeding to thoroughly browse their page almost as if you're trying to find a hidden treasure.  What are we really looking for?  I'm not really sure how it made me feel to see Jack on TV.  It brought back memories of what it was like to work for him and my personal perspective of him at the time - which was not a one-woman man (though I am not discrediting him now, he may be committed to this woman more than he has ever been committed in his entire life).  Was I passing judgement when I saw him on TV?  Or was I simply forming a general observation based on past experience(s) with this person.  Is this just human nature?  I would imagine so.  Otherwise, what would be the fun of spending countless hours on Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums stalking checking out old friends.

So I ask you this, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone from your past reappears?  Is it negative, positive or just a general observation?  Leave a comment below.

And have you ever been watching TV or a movie and someone you know popped on the screen?  If so, who was it?