How To Make a Wreath With $4 or Less

I've been feeling crafty lately, so I decided to make something to celebrate the holiday season. My budget is small, I mean tiny. I'd prefer to spend as little money as possible on whatever it is I make. Then I remembered back to when I was a kid when I would craft all the time. There was this wreath that I made, it was so simple yet so beautiful. And it was made out of your everyday sandwich baggies. I wanted to make that wreath again.

Here's What You'll Need for This Project:

- 1 box 150 (or more) sandwich baggies - 1 wire hanger - some ribbon (at least 3" inches thick)


1. Start by shaping your hanger in to a circle. Some find it easier to use metal pliers for this, however, I just used my hands. Don't worry if it's not perfectly round, you won't be able to tell when it's complete.

2. Then begin tying the baggies on to the wire one bag at a time. Try to tie them in a knot in the center of the bag so that you have equal parts baggie on each side of the knot.

Finally you'll end up with a full hanger. I used all 150 bags in the box and could have used a handful more. If you have any empty space left on the hanger simply slide down some of the baggies to fill the space. Remember to fluff the baggies as best you can to make your wreath appear as full as possible.

You can decorate your wreath however you like. If your theme is Christmas, try attaching some Christmas tree ornaments or holiday flowers to the wreath using some thin wire. I chose to go with a large bow and because my home is of mixed religion (I'm Jewish and my fiance is Catholic) I decided to go with sparkly silver ribbon for more of a winter theme. For the bow, I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest called How to Make a Perfect Bow by It was very easy to follow and my bow came out well.

I tied the bow on to the wreath using dental floss. And I bent the top part of the hanger (the part you hang over your closet rail) to fit snugly over my door knocker. Tip: do not use glittery ribbon. I have glitter everywhere. And I mean everywhere. No matter how hard I tried to contain it, the stuff just multiplies and travels like no other.

The total cost of this wreath, which I think turned out very pretty, was about $4. The wire hanger I pulled out of my closet, the box of baggies was $1 at my local grocery store, and the roll of ribbon was $9.99 on sale 70% off, which ended up costing $2.99 at Michael's. It took me about an hour and a half total to make this wreath (60 minutes to make the wreath and 30 minutes to make the bow and successfully hang it on my door).

It looks so cute on our door if I may so so myself.

What kind of creative ways have you used basic kitchen items? Please share your ideas, I love to hear them!